{ESG} Challenges you ....

    {ESG} Challenges you ....

    Hello folks,

    We at {ESG} would love to organise a rumble or a match against you guys.
    Sniping or Freezetag we can play what you want. (Of course UT2k4)
    If you would be interested in this, could an admin/match organisor please add me on msn (and perhaps xfire).

    MSN: rsarogue@hotmail.com
    Xfire: keubes46

    Hope to speak to you soon..


    Mark - {ESG}*Keubes*

    thank you for visiting us. A match is always a good idea we will talk with all members to find out who would like to play. Do you like to play other gametypes like Jailbreak too? Sorry for my horrible English, and if it's not to bad you can visit us on our ts server we will try to speak english then.

    thanks emma
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    Same Post is to find over at the ESG Board. ;)

    Hello ESG,

    we appreciate your invitation very much. Unluckily we do not play Freezetag or Sniperserver that often, so you are in advance i guess.

    There are only a few questions to ask before we can start a funny scrim:


    I would suggest a Saturday or Sunday in March, perhaps the 8/9, or the 15/16

    Who's server?

    Imho it depends on the pings, but to be fair, we can play one match on your server and another at ours.

    How many players?

    4-8 players, your choice.

    Which gametypes?

    We like to play InstaTDM, InstaJB, reg weapons TDM, or Insta CTF

    My suggestion is: You choose on gametype from ours to play and we do vice versa.

    best regardz


    for further information feel free to Visit us @ TeamSpeak: tss01.fiese-greise.de:8767 PW: moeter
    Bier alle!

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    Ich wäre auch dabei! :)
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