{ESG} European Sniper Gathering

    {ESG} European Sniper Gathering

    Hi everyone,

    I am called Mark, also known as {ESG}*Keubes*. I am 23 years old, live together with my girlfriend. In real life I work as an advisor at a big bank in the Netherlands. In the Unreal Life I am a player of {ESG}.

    ESG runs since March 2004 (on UT99). Since the early days of this clan, we tried hard to make it based on Friendship and the best Sportmanship and Fair-Play as possible. We have 25 members at the moment and the atmosphere in the team is pretty nice.

    We are still active on UT99, but most of us play UT2k4 since a couple of months, especially at Freeze Tag.

    We run our own MatriX Sniping FreezeTag Server on UT2004 :!:
    Our Server Game Rules >>> esg-land.com/IPB/upload/index.php?showtopic=2783
    IP & Ports :


    Freeze Tag is a variation of the Team Death Match (TDM) gametype. When someone is killed, his body is frozen. If a team can freeze all the opposing players, that team gets a point and a new round starts (Goal Team Score = 5). The first team to reach the goal score wins. You can thaw your frozen teammates by standing next to them for 3 seconds or by tele-thawing them. So unlike an elimination game, you can thaw your teammates and bring them back into the round. Thawing will earn you points, just like normal frags. The main goal is to freeze every member of the other team. Try to prevent the other team from thawing their players.


    *** Matrix Moves Mutator ***

    Summary of player features :

    Multi Jump : You can multijump 10 times in a row at any time during a jump, instead of just at the apex.

    Super Jump : Hold crouch then jump for a super high jump

    Hover in Air : Hold crouch while in air to hover in mid air... can aim, fire, and change weapons while hovering... Default time limit is 2 seconds, or just release the crouch button to resume normal flight.

    Roll/Flip Dodges : Left and Right Dodges are now flips, making a snazzy (potentially stomach churning) viewport flipping effect... Backward and Forward Roll Dodge effect is disabled though.

    Dodge/Roll in Air : Not limited to Dodging while on the ground, you can also Dodge/Roll in midair if desired.

    DodgeJumpCombos : Enables the combination Dodge/Jump.

    Wallrun : Dodge into a wall when close to it and you'll wallrun on it. This thing works almost anywhere and you can change directions and facing as if it were normal motion. Wallrun ends if you stop moving, if you go verticle (either hit a "ceiling" or a "floor"), or if you jump, which results in a sweet flip off the wall !


    *** ParaChute Mutator ***

    The Chute (or Parachute) mutator gives you an inventory that helps you survive a fall.
    When you are falling fast enough, you wont fall to a certain death but the Chute mutator
    will provide you with a parachute which will help you land safely and smoothly on the ground. When falling off high ledges or other places, the Chute will protect you as well.


    *** Available Weapons ***

    >>> ESG ProSniperRifle (based on the TDM X-1 Rifle) : Rapid Fire, Zoom 18x, Tweak Secured System, Campers Health, DNA Radar, New Head Shot Sounds, New Hit Sounds, New Rifle Sound, Wall Hit Effects, etc.

    >>> Tranz_MOD_8689_MPC (5 charges) ; tele-fragging an opponent kills him and tele-fragging a frozen team-mate thaw him.

    >>> Quantum Cannon

    >>> Standard Redeemer

    >>> Standard Spider Mines


    If you come across any problem or have any question, feel free to contact me
    at the following
    MSN adress : rsarogue@hotmail.com
    or through XFire : keubes46

    You can of course register on our forums and introduce yourself and your clan to us so we can come visit your server also.

    Please feel free to add me on msn to arrange a rumble or a match sometime soon, we would like to get to know the entire UT2k4 Sniping & Freezetag community.

    We're really glad to see the server is getting more and more populated :!: The last months it has become really active and we are happy to see more and more players keep finding the way to our server. I would like to invite you all to come check it out. The Matrix Moves Mutator really makes our server something you have to check out. You won