ESG UT2004 FreezeTag Cup 2008 Invitation

    ESG UT2004 FreezeTag Cup 2008 Invitation

    Hello FG !

    We would like to invite you to join a three-weekend-long UT2004 FreezeTag Cup, organised by the European Sniper Gathering. The Cup starts this November, it is both for european and american clans. No matter if you are campers or run & gunners, the Cup is open to everyone. We will have an american and a european server ready for the event.

    The final details regarding the cup system, registration, mods, website access, team information etc. will follow.

    This is a preliminary post where we would like to find out if your clan would be interested in joining the Cup. We can post the final details for the Cup a bit later so the decision about your participation doesn't have to be made right now. We just want to find out if you are interested.

    Our 2004 server is a Sniping FreezeTag server. Play smart & efficient. Be fast, sneaky and fair. Strenght and Honour are virtues as they say, and that is necessary to play our game.

    Objective : Teams must freeze all opposing team players to score (Team Goal Score = 5).
    Stand by a frozen teammate for 3 seconds to thaw him or Tele-Thaw him.
    Frozen players automatically thaw in 180 seconds.
    Frozen players can spectate all living teammates.

    Play by ESG Server Rules :

    1. PLAY FAIR (no cheating, no reconnecting when frozen) & WISELY (don't thaw opponents,...) !
    6. THE USE OF BUGS/GLITCHES IS NOT ALLOWED ! A bug/glitch example : move behind or under the map.
    7. CONSTANT CAMPING, HIDING, RUN AND GUNNING & HUNTING ARE TOLERATED ! Movements are necessary in the game but finding a spot to hide, to camp and to snipe from can also be a good alternative.
    8. SPAWN PROTECTION WILL PREVENT YOU FROM BEING FROZEN AND FROM FREEZING/KILLING FOR 5 SECONDS ! Use the spawn time wisely ; you can use it to return to a spot and seek revenge on your shooter. You can use it to move in on someone, wait until it expires and fire on him.
    9. In case of problem in game or for more info, no drama, go to or ask any {ESG} Member.

    ESG FreeZeTag Mode i4i FEATURES

    * Frozen Skin Texture :
    when someone is killed, his body is frozen and his skin texture looks like snow.

    * Frozen CountDown :
    when someone is frozen, a Countdown displayed over his head is visible in game by his non-frozen team mates.

    * 2 ways of thawing a team mate :
    the "old school thawing" by standing next to a frozen team mate for 3 seconds or the "telethwaing" by telefragging a frozen team mate.

    * Team Score Message and Riff :
    when a team reaches the goal team score, a riff is played, a message is displayed and an announcer mentions which team just scored.

    * LMS Random Announcement :
    a voice is picked at random to announce the Last Man Standing Message.

    * Ammo Increase :
    StartingAmmo=200 ; MaxAmmo=300 ; AmmoPickupCount=50

    * Telethaw Opponent Message :
    when you telethaw an opponent, a big message displays on your screen warning you it's not allowed (to be developed with a public notice and penalty).

    * TeleFragging under Spawnprotection disabled / TeleThawing under Spawnprotection enabled

    * Old School Thaw Bonus :
    when you thaw a team mate by staying by him/her for 3 seconds, then you get health up to 175, rifle ammo filled to initial 200 ammo and telediscs back to 6 ; it's disabled when you are under SpawnProtection.

    * Last Man Standing Denied Bonus :
    when you thaw a team mate whereas you were the LMS, you get 2 points instead of 1 ; a blue or red message displays and \"Denied !\" is announced.

    * Last Frag Bonus still enabled :
    you get 2 points instead of 1 when you are the one who freezes the last opponent standing.

    * Rifle and XLoc Momentum removed :
    if you get hit whereas you get your rifle or XLoc out, you're not pushed away, so it doesn't activate your Matrix Hover by accident if you're crouching.

    * FillToInitialAmmo + Discard Non Default Weapons :
    at the end of a round, non default weapons like Quantums, Redeemers,... are discarded, whereas Rifle + XLoc are filled to their initial ammo amount ; they are no more discarded, so that it doesn't automatically switch to the rifle.

    * All Players Back In Play Message :
    at the end of a round, a message and a sound announce when all frozen players are back in play.

    * Sleepling Time lengthened :
    at the end of a round, you have about 6 seconds free before the next round starts.

    * X Is Back In Play Message :
    a message is displayed and sound is played when a team mate is back in play (team mates only !).

    * Players not frozen counters :
    on top left, the upper number tells how many red players are not frozen and the one below tells how many blue players are not frozen (to be developed).

    * Frag counter :
    on top left, the biggest number is your frag personnal count.

    * LMS frozen when fatal damages caused by world :
    a Last Man Standing Player get frozen if he craters, burns, etc, well, if he gets fatal damages caused by world.

    Built In FreeZeTag Mutator Features :

    Multi Jump : You can multijump 10 times in a row at any time during a jump, instead of just at the apex.

    Super Jump : Hold crouch then jump for a super high jump

    Hover in Air : Hold crouch while in air to hover in mid air... can aim, fire, and change weapons while hovering... Default time limit is 2 seconds, or just release the crouch button to resume normal flight.

    Roll/Flip Dodges : Left and Right Dodges are now flips, making a snazzy (potentially stomach churning) viewport flipping effect... Backward and Forward Roll Dodge effect is disabled though.

    Dodge/Roll in Air : Not limited to Dodging while on the ground, you can also Dodge/Roll in midair if desired.

    DodgeJumpCombos: Enables the combination Dodge/Jump.

    Wallrun : Dodge into a wall when close to it and you'll wallrun on it. This thing works almost anywhere and you can change directions and facing as if it were normal motion. Wallrun ends if you stop moving, if you go verticle (either hit a "ceiling" or a "floor"), or if you jump, which results in a sweet flip off the wall !

    # Built-in Sniper Rifle (based on the TDM X-1 Rifle) :
    Rapid Fire, Zoom 18x, Tweak Secured System, Campers Health, DNA Radar, New Head Shot Sounds, New Hit Sounds, New Rifle Sound, Wall Hit Effects, etc.

    # Built-in Translauncher (i4i version) :
    red or blue Translocation Effect, Specific Translocation Sound, Limited Tele-Discs, Telefragged players get gibbed, etc.


    If you are not familiar with the FreezeTag mod and would like to know more, please visit our UT2004 public server:

    >>> ESG Sniping Matrix FreezeTag <<<

    Detailed information will also be available in the ESG FreeZeTag Cup section on the European Sniper Gathering Forums at

    The European Sniper Gathering


    icq: 488693857
    xfire: circlethedrain
    skype: circlethedrain