Welcome to Fiese Greise, Tanten and Teenies (aka. nasty old men, aunts and teenies)!

Visit us @ TeamSpeak 3: tss01.fiese-greise.de:9987 PW: moeter

Visit us @ IRC Quakenet Channel: #Fiese-Greise

We are: Have a look at "About us"! :D
We are not: old, stiff and immovable. ;)

Our main emphasis in onlinegaming is having none. Because we just play in intention of playing, so just to have fun together. So we play those games bringing us the most fun for a time. At the moment that games are UT2004 or crazy golf at Playforia. But thats not dogmatic for us, so we're open for all games played by a majority.

The only rule for us is the commuity for itself: Be FAIR! Then you will have fun! Anyone that can't keep this simple rule will be trolled, kicked, banned or all together; in any order, anyway this list is not meant to be complete (beware of the allmighty admin! ;) ).

We don't have the claim our clan would be the only blessed-making one, so everyone is free to join us and/or play in other clans. Perhaps this can cancel the circumstance of being nearly completely ambitiousless; maximum is playing some fun wars. Anything else kills our appointment diary between playing "wheelchair rugby" and worldly employments.

Our free training sessions - at the moment in minigolf - take place every tuesday beginning between 8pm and 11pm.

Nothing left instead of closing with our motto: When we just train hard enough, someday we will become noobs!

Have fun at our page and our servers and be fair!

The Management